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From our guestbook
December 2014
This cellar is wonderful. I feel phobia in closed places, but here I don’t feel it. My favourite was the stairs, because it is mysterious, man becomes curious for the sequel. Lamps have got special atmosphere, tarnished. The emission of the cellar is very good.
Dr Zsuzsanna Folycsak 

We got a great impression on Mr. Ducsai’s enthusiasm, as he dreamt and built this empire-cellar that was decorated with ancient motifs. We wish good health and a lot of followers in this tasteful folk art!
Bársony .....

20th February 2015
Beautiful, nice and it seems the man. Congratulations.
Sárközi Sándor

Dear Grál Cellar!
Thank you very much that we could be here, the place gave us an unforgetful experience.

March 2015
Dear Attila and Agnes!
First, I was in the cellar with Attila’s leadership. Some weeks later I also visited here with a bigger companion. During my first visit, I was here with my younger brother, Attila’s creation impressed me completely. After this visit I sat into my car, but I did not able to tell anything. I could tell only some words to my brother: ”real huge man lives here between us. Incredible”. There was a big difference between the two visits. The first was greater experience because I was there only with my brother. Thank you this experience. I wish great success in your works. I will offer this cellar to the English Queen. I think this cellar is unique in the world. Regards:
Pálinkás Zsolt és (and) Tibor

28th March 2015   
After the Kurul Drummers’ Concert
We feel very good. Thank you very much.
Szarka család (family), Pisti, Istvánka, Zsuzsa.
It was a great experience. The atmoshphere was brilliant, the concert and the cellar were wonderful.
Kovács Katalin és (and) Nagy Csaba

We took part in a special experience. The building of the cellar is a life work, that makes a deep effect for visitors, the spirit of this place takes with us. The program caused a life-long impression, too.
Pecze Margó, Tóth István

Thank you very much the fantastic experience. The cellar is breathtaking, the welcome is nice, friendly, but its real human athmosphere is the most important.

Thank you, the members of the Ja Ja Music Group, K.K. and the two guys

Thank you that we could take part in this unforgetable experience . We could’t express the sight and the greatness of the lecture with words. Wonderful, congratulations to the family.

9th April 2015
Dear Ducsai Family, Attila
The wonderful cellar, the athmosphere is here eternalize the work of an active young man whose effect is a good example and power for all of us. We congratulate to you from our heart and wish you force, health and happiness.
With love from the members of the Civil Saloon of Tiszaújváros: K.K. chairman, character art school

28th April 2015
We didn’t know the place, one of our friend organized the trip-but it was a real pleasant suprise to arrive here. It is a beautiful home, special cellar and maximum fanaticism. 
Congratulations to it, I loved it very much.
H.Gy. and his friends

30th April 2015
Here, all that we see were very beautiful. The holders work is wonderful. Here the sight is pleasurable for human.
Garden Lovers of Sajóbábony

Dear Attila!
It was a huge respect to see your wonderful masterpiece. I wish you good job, endurance and good health for your whole family in the future.
Doctor Stephen Szilva, the Mayor of Sajóbábony and the members of the Group of Garden Lovers

10th May 2015
Dear D. Family
We are from Transylvania, from the city of  Zibah. We would like to express our honest recognition with this short text. You are wonderfully clever, your job is a great art. It was an unforgetable experience for us and we hope in return, in order to our friends also can take part in this beautiful experience. 
With a lot of love: the Kiss family

During the common program of the Ruszin Governments of the B-A-Z County and Miskolc MSV, we visited the perfect place and we took part in a high quality leading and a warm welcome. Thank you very much the nice consideration, and we wish you a lot of power and good health to the continouing of the wonderful job. 
M.R.O. Sz. President of Deputy

17th May 2015 Pentecost fair
I loved the carvings int he cellar and the fair, too. Here are a lot of interesting things. I came out from the cellar with full of experience. I felt it very, very interesting. I will go next time, too.
With a lot of love: the B. family’s 9 years old daughter
Visiting the cellar gave me a great experience.
R. K. and her friend

I loved the cave very much.
M.M. (8 years old boy)

I had to go here for a long time, now I succeded to see your wonderful masterpiece. 
I was not disappointed…moreover!
Congratulations, God gives you very good health to realize your plans in the future.
During the cellar visit, we had a fantastic experience. Wonderful carvings, unique experience!!!! We wish you good health.
The K-K family
Keep it up.

Beautiful carvings. Please more programs.
Amazing carvings, I am coming back!
Very appealing, original and I loved that all of these are your own works and as we heard  it is a dream come true. We wish you other great dreams.
Kunos Márta and Botond

Fantastic labyrinth. The carvings are beautiful and the atmoshphere is amazing.
Bejczis from the Big-Avas

We wish the KNIGHT to continue searching and find the GRÁL-TREASURE!
Mrs. K.Z and her husband Z.

It is a beautiful cellar with fantastic stone-carvings and wine bars. Thanks and love: 
Csilla and Gábor

Simply amazing!!! Congratulations and I wish you a lot of joy.
This is not nothing, I have not seen similar yet, and the wine is also good.
Beautiful cellar, true treasure among the small cellars of Görömböly
It was a great joy to see this miracle. I enjoyed the fair, and I hope I will take part in similar events in the future. Besides it I would like to enjoy the possibilities of the cellar. Congratulations, beautiful!!!
Thanks the possibility! We will offer it to oders, too. Until we couldn’t go to Görömböly, but now I am very happy, because we could see the treasure.
The last Stacio of the page, I wish you that this booklet is becoming full with guests and appreciative words as soon as possible, in the interests of the creator’s appreciation and joy. In the future I wish you every success and a lot of experience. I loved it very much. 
Szoták Tamás és and  Schöhn Dank
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