Grál pince - kőbe véssük álmait

A glass of wine and the past opens from stones

Make an appoinment and take part in a cellar visit with wine tasting and wine dinner in Görömböly, next to Miskolc, in the Grál Cellar in Attila Ducsai’s own carved cellar with unique atmosphere.

Visit us and be rich with a forever lasting experience!

The Gral Cellar offers a unique and unmatched visual and sacred experience to its guests that gives a long-life pleasant memory. The host’s hospitality and message of his honest words are warm-hearted.

We organize programs and events that fit to the nature and capacity of the cellar and also be stronger the experience of wonderment and common vibration in visitors’ mind.

Authentic folk music, traditionalist groups and hand-made products are presented here. Besides that, in the cellar there is an oppurtunity to organize corporate events, private parties, name days, birthday parties or wedding photography.

Hospitality: We can offer wine crafts, easier food or hot supper for order. 

Besides the wine tasting, there are other possibilites near to the cellar. You can do horse-riding, angling or relaxing in the thermal spa or newly opened beach on Miskolc Tapolca. In the neighborhood there are a lot of accomodations, so you can spend a nice and enjoyable weekend here.

I think sooner or later the concept of health must be clarified, but not for the doctors but for poets and thinking people.

In this question we can not expect for medicine. That is health in clinics, that has got antiseptic smell.

Health is not sterile.

Health has got fruity, like muscatel, the black one in Hamburg, the muscat otonel. 
                                                                                                                              (Hamvas Béla)

High school reunion




„Popular Faces” music group before their concert in Miskolc


The leaders of the University of Miskolc and Transylvania


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