Grál pince - kőbe véssük álmait

„When I get old, I want a cellar, I have decided it already firmly,
I don’t want anything from life. I have looked out the place of that cellar, not far from my home:
I am going to go there on foot, and I am going to take care of that the locals, and the wine producers, the owners of orchards, wine growers do not know anything about my past in the city…” /Sándor Márai: Hungarian wines, detail/

Differ from the upper poetry quotations when I was a lad, I have already known that I would like a cellar of my own.

I am Attila Ducsai!

When I was a lad, I often visited different wine cellars, where I loved that wine was sucked out from barrels by sampling tube and after it was spent into glasses. At that time I have already decided that I am going to be a cellar of my own. Soon I have bought my own wine cellar. But after my group of my friends grew and grew, this cellar was getting narrower. Me and my friends have not fitted among the barrels, therefore I have started to broaden.

The cellar was finished, it is nice and known.

The wine cellar is visited by more and more people, because it is not an everyday sight. This great work has started as a hobby, but because of the huge interest, a lot of people have searched me to carve them similar, special and unique wine-chapels.

The more cellars I have digged, the more ideas have borned inside me. My  wife, Ágnes has motivated me, because she has joined to a traditions association, so I have known with the ancient Hungarian motifs that played an important role in the decoration of my newest cellar-room.

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